work in progress: iceland exhibition

I’m currently working on a shared exhibition with my good friend Willem. We made a trip to Iceland to capture the beauty of this country on film.

I shot with various cameras, including my favorite camera: the Hasselblad X-pan. In the past few weeks I’ve spent time selecting photos from the contact sheets and making test prints. 

The exhibition is planned for March 2018. 

nick exposed feature

Really excited to be featured in Nick Exposed’s latest Mail Time video with one of my prints. Watch the full video or start at 4:40 for just my feature. 

I shot this photo in a subway station in Rotterdam (NL) with the Hasselblad Xpan on Ilford HP5 film. It’s printed on Ilford Multigrade IV RC paper.

Nick Mayo is an analog photographer and graphic artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan (US). I’ve been following Nick for quite a long time now and really respect his work and everything he does online for the film community. 

Please check out Nick’s website and follow his YouTube channel and Instagram account

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